A Long Day Into Night

Undercity 3
A Little Diplomacy Goes a Long Way

The Brave Companions descend ever deeper into the Undercity of Darowdwelve led by their erstwhile guide, Beldin Cavel. A band of troglodytes with a pair of blue dragon whelplings, all members of the Legion of the Black Banner, were dispatched in a natural cavern amidst the tunnels. Further on into the city itself, The forward scouts discovered the dragon, holed up in a large meeting hall. As Bren went back to report the discovery and the layout of the chamber to the rest of the party, Misuo overheard half of a conversation the dragon, a Field Commander Kalik, as he reported to a Commander Rhomira. The Brave Companions decided to try and negotiate with Kalik in an attempt to end this potential conflict peacefully.

The group was successful in their negotiations, learning that the orders for the remainder of the troglodyte forces were to attempt to flood the Undercity from one of the central switching stations. Kalik has agreed to accompany the Brave Companions, but cannot aid them directly in the fight to come.

Undercity 2
a little chaos

Descending into what appeared to be the city sewer system, the party performed some civil service by clearing out a junction. In the first of the large chambers where the dragon may have been holed up, there was discovered some creatures from the elemental plane of chaos. Upon their dispatch, a group of dwarven engineers was rescued. Chief Engineer Beldin Cavel offered his services as a guide to the Undercity of Darodwelve.

Into the Undercity
Obligatory Sewer Themed Labyrinth

The previous day saw the city of Darowdwelve under attack by an informed and organized strike force. After several engagements, Kalessin’s Brave Companions and the cities defenders had eliminated several of the smaller forces and had driven the rest of the invasion force into the Undercity. With many of the cities defenders spread out across the region following up leads and sightings of the Slaughtermark, the group has been pressed into service by the garrison commander and have entered the Undercity in pusuit of a Grey Dragon and its troops.

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